We Need More Fibre Art!

By Snježana Rock

By Snježana Rock

So I FINALLY went to the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I know…I’ve been living in Whistler for over three years and I have just made it to the gallery, but at least I’ve seen it now.

I guess I was hoping for some inspiration at the gallery.  I’m not a painter (I have tried, but honestly, I could never decide if I like realism or impressionism and then just gave up on the whole thing), but I still found it refreshing to stare at paintings, sculptures and pictures for a while.

I knit. And sing, and write – but mostly knit. So I didn’t go to the gallery expecting to get a new-found appreciation for painting and turn into the next Emily Carr. I knew that would be a long shot, and quite frankly I don’t want to be famous or recognized.

I just want to create art – fibre art.

Now there was no fibre art at the VAG (honestly…what were they thinking with that acronym?), but as soon as I got home last night, I went straight to Google to check out some fibre artists.  I was completely blown away!  So here’s some of my favourite fibre artwork. Now, if only I could sell knitted art myself…

And of course, how could I not bring attention to fine artist and activist Ruth Marshall?  Ruth Marshall knits animal pelts to bring awareness to the ugly side of the fur industry.  Knitting and animal activism…two things WAY too close to this girl’s heart!

Leopard Pelt by Ruth Marshall

Leopard Pelt by Ruth Marshall


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