Oh and by the way…I’m a knitter…

Ok, so when I first meet someone, I generally don’t blurt out “I’m a knitter!” Let’s be honest…the cool factor just doesn’t warrant a lot of room for a hobby as “lame” as knitting.

So what would I say about myself? – I’m 28, live in Whistler BC (HUGE points for that one), am married (not so huge points for that one), and am obsessed with playing in the mountains via skis or by foot. And some further things about myself that may take more time to share are my desire to love like Jesus Christ and my obsession with knitting.

That being said, knitting IS a very central part of my life and I can hardly go a day without it! But don’t write me off as being the lamest person in Whistler. For one, I am a wicked skier who is dang proud of it thank you very much! But in order to fully understand knitting and how awesome it is, I have put together some pictures of breathtaking knits. I started knitting 5 years ago because I wanted to knit clothes and accessories that were this awesome and stylish – with my own two hands!

So I didn’t get into knitting because I’m boring and have no social life (although that has seemed to be the case since my favourite evening “activity” is knitting), but rather, I love to knit because I love to create garments and pieces that are beautiful and stunning.

Seriously, if you could knit this, wouldn’t you be knitting too? (Just for the record, none of these photos are my creations, but they are my current inspirations)

From Eurowoman Denmark January 2012.

From Eurowoman Denmark January 2012.

From Eurowoman Denmark January 2012.

From Eurowoman Denmark January 2012.

From Eurowoman Denmark January 2012.

From Eurowoman Denmark January 2012.

Designer: Etiketter

I have those tights!! - Designer: Etiketter

Ok, it's cheesy, but adoreable!

Not sure what I like more - the over-sized sweater or the crochet skulls one-piece!

  1. cayla said:

    #3 and #5… MY FAVS…. love love. I am wayy to clumsy to knit. I will therefore live vicariously through you!!!

    • tarafreydurston said:

      #5 with some pants on…right?…or not.
      Glad you enjoyed it Cayla. And no one is too clumsy to knit!

  2. A wicked skier who can knit? …… that is dang cool.

    • tarafreydurston said:

      Well as long as my Father-in-Law thinks I’m dang cool… 🙂

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