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So if my blog has been unclear so far and you haven’t picked up on this already, my two favourite things to do are ski and knit. I’ll admit it…sometimes I am so dang lazy and I would rather sit on the couch with a new ball of yarn than strap on my skis and drag my ass to the mountain (which is only a five minute walk away – yup…that lazy at times). So when one of those lazy-days strikes me, this is my mantra:


There…problem solved! I got up the mountain, which is NEVER something I regret, and now I DESERVE to sit on the couch with my knitting and watch an episode of “Cover Me Canada” (I know it’s an old show, but I just realized the other day that Ali Milner – a Whistlerite – was on the show and I just couldn’t resist supporting her…even if it’s kind of after the fact now…sorry honey).

So in my world, knitting and skiing sort of collide. They go hand in hand. I feel guilty and lazy if I knit on a powder or blue-bird sky day, and I feel cold and exhausted if I just ski all day – haha, just kidding. Skiing all day is NEVER a bad day in my books.

Now a blog post is not a good blog post without some sick pictures. So speaking of knitting and skiing colliding, here’s some pictures I found that reinforce that notion.

Float on…

I bet she knit that sweater herself...

Hmm...very Swiss. This wouldn't fly so well in Whistler.

There seems to be something on your lips?...never mind...

Now for a little throw back to early ski resort fashion…these are pure classics!

Are you wearing safety goggles??!


I know it’s spring soon, and ridiculously warm for my South-Eastern Canada friends and family, but I am not ready to put down my chunky winter yarns yet! My current project?…a Navajo / Aztec sweater.  I just couldn’t resist the bright colours and abstract shapes. Here’s some on-line inspiration that I came across…

The colours may be a little much, but props to whoever designed this sweater - they really went for it!


The above photo is from

I contacted Maya – the blogger at and asked if I could get the pattern for the detailing of her sweater. I was willing to pay…I just wanted it so badly. And the sweetheart sent me a copy of the pattern that she spent hours laboring over!! Now that is true knitting-sisterhood… THANKS MAYA!

So I am slaving away at my own version of a Navajo sweater with the same print as Maya’s but a completely different sweater. Finger’s crossed that it turns out!

Here’s a sneak-peak at the progress so far…

Basically I just grabbed whatever yarn I had for the print, and I’m really happy with how the colours look together.

So, I have found myself at my favourite blogging spot once again – Creekside Starbucks, at the base of Whistler mountain. And it just started to SNOW again!! There’s 15cms of snow in the forecast for this evening, so I figured today was a great day for studying…or blogging…or both…since tomorrow will be a total powder day where everything else in my life goes on hold!

I honestly came to Starbucks with the best of intentions to work away at studying the mineral Calcium – and yes, I do find it fascinating spending hours and hours learning about nutrition. But I forgot my headphones and therefore can’t listen to the lecture…boo! So I’ll do a quick blog instead!

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I finished my intarsia sweater – the one that I made out of pure jealousy of everyone in Whistler walking around in their expensive Aritzia sweaters. Yup…it didn’t stem from the “holy-of-holies” of my heart, but it has taught me a lot about perseverance, patience, and delayed gratification.

So here she is in all of her glory!

I’m going to do some changes to the neckline at some point – I was wanting a collar that would lay flat, and this once seems to enjoy standing upright. Also, I may be adding pockets because my theory is that EVERYTHING is better with pockets! – dresses, tops, skirts, scarves…you name it.

I made this sweater extra-long, and am glad I did.

Haha...I think it was 1am or something ridiculous like that! I just HAD to take pictures as soon as I was done.

I love the wood buttons...

And my favourite part - snowflakes on my back!!

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this project! As always, there’s lots to learn along the way, which just leads to better garments in the future.

I’ve mentioned this already, but the reason I was drawn to knitting in the first place was because I wanted to make a sweater. I have made a few over the years, but none have been as successful as this one. So it’s been a long road, but I think I have finally arrived and proven my ability to knit a sweater. What a ride…GO ME!!

So there’s a reason that I’m a “Powder Hound,” and that reason is spelled D.A.D. Luckily I had the glorious opportunity to hang with my Dad in one of the most powderific places I know – Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah.

And it turned out to be one of the best powder weeks we’ve had at Snowbird. Here’s some proof in pictures. Not that anyone particularly cares, but heck, this is my blog and I want to re-live the magic…yet again!

My Dad - still ripping hard!

Sister Becki charging...

My husband Dan eating the pow...

Me in my happy place 🙂

Mmm…such great times.

But anyway, the reason for this post – being as this is a knitting blog – was to share with you what knitting project I was working on while in Utah.

Here’s the pattern I came across at

Adorable right?! And it was extremely easy and fast to crochet – something that was MUCH needed for me since all I ever seem to do are long, tedious knitting projects like sweaters!

Me happily working away on my bunny blankie on route back to Canada...

Love this road trip...

I wasn’t exactly done the blankie by the time I got home. This was a 20 hour drive, so there was plenty of time, but apparently knitting in a car makes me car sick.

But here he is…

He’s obviously not exactly like the pattern…I tried to do the embroidered face, but it was a nightmare. So two button eyes it is! Kinda creepy…but kinda vintage-looking.

I guess this means it’s onto the next project…