Next Up…Navajo / Aztec

I know it’s spring soon, and ridiculously warm for my South-Eastern Canada friends and family, but I am not ready to put down my chunky winter yarns yet! My current project?…a Navajo / Aztec sweater.  I just couldn’t resist the bright colours and abstract shapes. Here’s some on-line inspiration that I came across…

The colours may be a little much, but props to whoever designed this sweater - they really went for it!


The above photo is from

I contacted Maya – the blogger at and asked if I could get the pattern for the detailing of her sweater. I was willing to pay…I just wanted it so badly. And the sweetheart sent me a copy of the pattern that she spent hours laboring over!! Now that is true knitting-sisterhood… THANKS MAYA!

So I am slaving away at my own version of a Navajo sweater with the same print as Maya’s but a completely different sweater. Finger’s crossed that it turns out!

Here’s a sneak-peak at the progress so far…

Basically I just grabbed whatever yarn I had for the print, and I’m really happy with how the colours look together.


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