Snowflakes on my Shoulders Make Me Happy…

So, I have found myself at my favourite blogging spot once again – Creekside Starbucks, at the base of Whistler mountain. And it just started to SNOW again!! There’s 15cms of snow in the forecast for this evening, so I figured today was a great day for studying…or blogging…or both…since tomorrow will be a total powder day where everything else in my life goes on hold!

I honestly came to Starbucks with the best of intentions to work away at studying the mineral Calcium – and yes, I do find it fascinating spending hours and hours learning about nutrition. But I forgot my headphones and therefore can’t listen to the lecture…boo! So I’ll do a quick blog instead!

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I finished my intarsia sweater – the one that I made out of pure jealousy of everyone in Whistler walking around in their expensive Aritzia sweaters. Yup…it didn’t stem from the “holy-of-holies” of my heart, but it has taught me a lot about perseverance, patience, and delayed gratification.

So here she is in all of her glory!

I’m going to do some changes to the neckline at some point – I was wanting a collar that would lay flat, and this once seems to enjoy standing upright. Also, I may be adding pockets because my theory is that EVERYTHING is better with pockets! – dresses, tops, skirts, scarves…you name it.

I made this sweater extra-long, and am glad I did.

Haha...I think it was 1am or something ridiculous like that! I just HAD to take pictures as soon as I was done.

I love the wood buttons...

And my favourite part - snowflakes on my back!!

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this project! As always, there’s lots to learn along the way, which just leads to better garments in the future.

I’ve mentioned this already, but the reason I was drawn to knitting in the first place was because I wanted to make a sweater. I have made a few over the years, but none have been as successful as this one. So it’s been a long road, but I think I have finally arrived and proven my ability to knit a sweater. What a ride…GO ME!!

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  1. cayla said:

    this is the best!!! im the most impressed!!!!!!!!!!!! love love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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