Must Ski to Knit

So if my blog has been unclear so far and you haven’t picked up on this already, my two favourite things to do are ski and knit. I’ll admit it…sometimes I am so dang lazy and I would rather sit on the couch with a new ball of yarn than strap on my skis and drag my ass to the mountain (which is only a five minute walk away – yup…that lazy at times). So when one of those lazy-days strikes me, this is my mantra:


There…problem solved! I got up the mountain, which is NEVER something I regret, and now I DESERVE to sit on the couch with my knitting and watch an episode of “Cover Me Canada” (I know it’s an old show, but I just realized the other day that Ali Milner – a Whistlerite – was on the show and I just couldn’t resist supporting her…even if it’s kind of after the fact now…sorry honey).

So in my world, knitting and skiing sort of collide. They go hand in hand. I feel guilty and lazy if I knit on a powder or blue-bird sky day, and I feel cold and exhausted if I just ski all day – haha, just kidding. Skiing all day is NEVER a bad day in my books.

Now a blog post is not a good blog post without some sick pictures. So speaking of knitting and skiing colliding, here’s some pictures I found that reinforce that notion.

Float on…

I bet she knit that sweater herself...

Hmm...very Swiss. This wouldn't fly so well in Whistler.

There seems to be something on your lips?...never mind...

Now for a little throw back to early ski resort fashion…these are pure classics!

Are you wearing safety goggles??!


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