Monthly Archives: April 2012

Spring may be here, and summer fast approaching, but my obsession with “all things knit” still lives on.

There are all kinds of gorgeous knit and crochet projects for the warmer months. Yes, I have “laid-off” my bulky wool yarns for colder times (don’t worry…I will employ them again come September), and have rummaged to the bottom of my yarn box for lighter cotton, bamboo and acrylic yarns. I am also finding myself drawn to brighter, peppier and more vibrant hues of aqua, yellow, and orange.

So what’s my current project goal for the summer? Well, I would like to make a crochet market tote, and possibly a cute little clutch, but I also have my sights set on something much more complicated and time consuming…and extremely rewarding.

Crochet dresses (and shorts and tops) are a huge trend right now. I was in H&M at Park Royal Mall in Vancouver recently and couldn’t believe how many items were crochet! There were dresses, skirts, shorts and even vests. It was incredibly inspiring for me and it got me excited to pick up some crochet hooks again…it’s been a while.

Here’s some dresses I came across on-line:

This is no easy task. While crochet works up relatively quickly, it takes a lot of yarn, and lace-type patterns can get pretty complex – but I welcome the challenge. Not sure where I would wear such a cute, feminine item (living in Whistler, I have sort of forgotten how to dress up), but if I wear it out on a Saturday night I could blend in with the tourists quite well! – Just don’t tell anyone I’m actually a ski bum local!