Monthly Archives: May 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about knitting. And in all honesty, I do find myself spending less time knitting in the warmer months. However, on my recent trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island (where sadly the weather was so crumby that we opted-out of surfing this time) I came across the most quaint, adorable, and inspiring knit shop called “Knits By the Sea.”

This is the owner, Ellie. You can check out her website at – And yes…from what I’ve gathered from her website, Ellie DOES love her stilettos…something that is a rare sight in the hippie and surf-loving town of Tofino!

So while I browsed around this gorgeous yarn shop, I was reminded of all the great summer project possibilities. I’ve still got my hopes on making a crochet dress this summer (refer to my previous post for my inspiration), but I would love to use up some of my growing stash of yarn. What to do with so many odd-sized and odd-coloured yarns?


Surprisingly, I have never knit a pair of socks. I guess they’ve always seemed kind of daunting and intimidating. I tend to knit chunky things that knit up quickly and painlessly. Socks have such tiny stitches and I imagine knitting a heel of a sock could cause a god-girl to say some not-so-good things . But I’m needing a challenge, and these sock pictures are just too inspiring! And if I never get around to knitting a pair of my own, at least I found some wicked pics!!

As per usual, here is my inspiration!

And of course, sticking with my current obsession, I found some funky Aztec / Navajo socks! I know…these triangle patterns are everywhere, but I still happen to like them!

This one’s my fave…

Just a few pictures this time. Now whether I actually knit a pair of socks is still debatable. But if I do, expect something along the lines of those photos!

Oh…and here’s me surfing last year 🙂