Work Socks

I love work socks. You know the classic manly ones…heavy-duty grey wool socks with the white and red band. Those are the kind of socks you can get some serious manual labour accomplished in…or just as easily lounge around by a fire with a hot cup of tea and a good read.



I need to get me some of those. I’ve been meaning to for a while now actually, but what reminded me of those beauties was an advertisement I came across while flipping through a magazine lately. It took the “work sock” to a whole new level.

It’s the work sock SWEATER!!




How amazing is that?! Genius. Pure genius.



I know it’s silly, but this is definitely on my wish list…or at least my admire list. I’m not one for buying something just because I think it’s cool or fun or quirky…as much as I would love to. But I can always admire!

As far as knitting goes, this is probably a more practical project for me…and still gives me my work-sock fix.




Timmy Ho’s and wool socks…I suddenly feel more Canadian.




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