Free as a bird – that’s me!  Unapologetic in my carefree, quirky ways…always looking to enjoy life to the fullest and spread the love! – Not in a hippie sort of way, but dangerously close!


California Dreamin...

And I’m a knitter. Not just your average hobby knitter who picks up her needles every now and then – knitting has sort of begun to consume my life…well…more than sort of.  My favourite thing to do in the evening? Curl up on the couch with a cup of herbal tea and work away on my latest knitting project or browse through the latest (or not so latest) issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine for the umpteenth time (Yes…there is such a thing as Vogue Knitting). Not your average Whistler resident eh? I’d rather be at home knitting than out partying, but hey…who’s gonna be fresh and rested for fresh tracks on the mountain tomorrow hmm?

So this blog is dedicated to all things knit. But not your Grandma’s knitting…I mean fashion, art, quality and creativity.

Here’s to a great hobby and artistic expression…CHEERS!


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